Thank you to our 2024 Sponsors!

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support. Your commitment to our cause is invaluable, and it allows us to make a real impact. Thank you for making our mission possible!

The Sustainable Reef


Our current objective is to offer a connection between aquaculturists, breeders and home reefers for pest free corals and healthy fish.  We believe it is possible to have a beautiful reef aquarium while having low or zero impact on wild reefs.  

In our quest to educate, we have worked with Wake County Libraries presenting classes to children.  We have also worked with NC State University to demonstrate techniques on aquaculturing corals, as well as putting on fragging demos at events. Visit our website to learn more.


Reef Hobbyist


Reef Hobbyist Magazine a reef-focused magazine that teaches hobbyists of all levels how to succeed at reef-keeping. The magazine is made available for free in over 1,000 local fish stores and online. Subscribe today!


Why become a Sponsor?

Aqua Mania aims to create an event for the community to experience the wonders of both fresh and saltwater aquarium hobbies, educate on the species that exist in our waters and have them leave with an unforgettable experience. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

You benefit too! Our sponsors are seen by our hundreds of website users, social media subscribers, and event-goers.  All of our sponsorship packages include perks and event benefits. See our sponsorship options below for details.

Your Brand gets Noticed!

increase your brand awareness, target a new market and enhance your company's reputation!

  • Spring 2024 Show Sponsor | Platinum Package

    Our 2024 Show Sponsor will be prominently featured and seen by hundreds of site users, social media subscribers, and eventgoers. Your logo and branding will be advertised on all social media platforms, our website, flyers, and promotional materials. Every potential attendee will know your brand. You will have direct access to one of the most exciting events of the year!

  • Live Aqua Scaping Contest Sponsor | Platinum Package

    Aqua Scapers will race against the clock while the emcee narrates the contest live in front of the audience. The contest will be streamed live on YouTube. Your company’s generous donation goes towards the supplies, materials, and prizes needed to provide this awesome experience for our guests!

  • Live Entertainment Sponsor | Platinum Package

    Your sponsorship donation will go directly to funding an interactive and immersive entertainment performance for all attendees. Help make Aqua Mania stand apart from the rest!

  • Raffle Sponsor | Platinum Package

    The Raffle table is always the place to be! Hundreds of eventgoers will be drawn to the raffle table where your Company branding will be displayed.

  • VIP Swag Bag Sponsor | Gold Package

    VIP swag bags will be provided for all VIP attendees. The first 100 attendees will receive a swag bag with your company’s name and logo on it.

  • Atlantis: Kids Corner Sponsor | Gold Package

    Kids won’t want to miss their chance to embark on an adventure at the coolest kids corner under the sea! Atlantis will be decorated to mirror an underwater city of fun and adventure. Your donation will go directly to the décor, games and events for the kids corner.

  • Kids Aqua Scaping Contest Sponsor | Gold Package

    Kids will compete in a friendly and fun aqua-scaping contest. Help create the next generation of fresh and saltwater hobbyist.

  • Saltwater Sponsor | Gold Package

    Provide Saltwater for the vendors and displays!

  • Speaker Sponsor | Silver Package

    Your donation will help offset the cost of bringing in dynamic round table speakers from the freshwater and saltwater industries.

  • Staff Luncheon Sponsor | Silver Package

    The staff Lunch Sponsorship will go towards paying for staff and volunteers’ lunch during the event. Aqua Mania will have four food trucks on-site for all attendees to access. Your logo will be displayed near all outdoor eating areas.

  • Best of Show Contest Sponsor | Silver Package

    Your donation will be used to fund the prizes for the winners of each best-of-show category. The hobbyist will bring their best home-bred specimen to compete for a grand prize!

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