Vendor Applications are Now Open!

Thank you for your interest in attending Aqua Mania 2024! If you're interested in becoming an exhibitor at our upcoming event, please click the link below to complete the Vendor Application. Once submitted you will receive an email from our team with your invoice and Vendor Information Packet.

  • Diana Walstad

    Diana Walstad came from a family that always had aquariums in the house. After receiving a degree in microbiology, she worked as a research technician in various medical and biological fields. In 1999, Ms. Walstad first published 'Ecology of the Planted Aquarium'. The book's 4th Edition (2023) is available now as a paperback, Kindle, ePub, and ePDF. Visit her website for personal information, book purchasing details and aquarium articles.

  • Fish Forward

    Fish Forward specializes in Premium Tank bred Angelfish and Guppies. 

  • Garden of Eder

    We sell high quality homebred shrimp,fish and snails!

  • I Wet My Plants

    We offer a wide range of aquatic plants, grown submersed, in an effort to help the plants acclimate better to the end users aquarium.

    Aquatic plants and symbiotic nano livestock.

  • JD Aquatics

    Apistogramma, plecos, corydoras, and nano fish


    Keke's Aquarium is an up and coming hobbyist owned and operated business dedicated to providing top quality captive bred and raised fish and shrimp. Our mission is to continue to improve the hobby by encouraging, educating, and assisting new and seasoned hobbyists alike with their aquarium goals. We aim to help others achieve a happy, healthy, balanced aquarium that brings peace, joy, and love to the hobbyists as well as provide environments that help their fish friends thrive. Keke's Aquariums hopes to continue to learn and grow in the aquarium industry.

  • Lake 2 Land Aquatics+

    I mostly sell homemade 100% organic shrimp and fish food. I also sell things like nets, caves, spawning Mops and things like that. I may or may not have livestock ready by then but if so I'd bring fish and shrimp to sell also. I also have live food and isopods

  • Pods & Fins

    Pods & Fins is a fishy sort of odds and ends. Started in 2020 with just super red bristlenose and jungle val. Now 3 years later while still a hobbyist, offering more bristlenose varieties and Repashy gel foods!

    We specialize in Bristlenose plecos of many types, live plants, possibly carnivorous plants, mutt guppies, Repashy gel foods, fidget toys, isopods and assorted aquarium related items

  • Ray-Aquatics

    We are a small family oriented business care about our customers and want to treat them with respect also we love being in the freshwater hobby we have been doing this for about 5 years and love every minute of it

  • SCLT Kois

    Koi and other freshwater fishes.

  • Shrimp Envy

    A one-stop-shop of all things shrimp for hobbyists, by hobbyists!

    We have a variety of products to meet your needs to help provide the best in

    quality care for your caridina and neocaridina shrimp. From high quality, organic shrimp foods to supplements, even special treats for those beautiful photo moments to share on Facebook! You will also find an assortment of other great products from hobbyists just like you! 

  • Splashy Fish

    Splashy Fish started in a garage with 10 aquariums of 10 gallons, we later grew to a 1000+ gallon aquarium store and continue to grow bigger. We only put one species of fish per tank to ensure proper quarantine process, care and prevent unwanted cross breeding. Splashy Fish strives to provide our customers with proper knowledge, the highest quality, the most sustainable live freshwater fish, freshwater shrimps, aquatic plants and premium fish foods, highest quality aquarium supplies, and fish tanks accessories to keep your friends happy & healthy.

  • SumFins Fishy

    We source the highest quality livestock

    At SumFins Fishy, we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of aquatic creatures. Whether it originates from our own meticulously maintained fish room or is carefully procured from trusted local breeders and distributors across the United States, we guarantee the highest quality livestock.

    To ensure the well-being of our aquatic friends, every single one of them undergoes a thorough quarantine process. This meticulous procedure guarantees that they are in optimal health and fully prepared to embark on their new journey in their forever homes.

  • The Dirty Tank

    The Dirty Tank is a fish breeder, YouTuber, TikToker, and hobbyist. We fell into the hobby when my daughter won a goldfish at the local fair. We now breed a variety of fish and shrimp for sale across the nation and create educational and entertaining videos on fish keeping and aquascaping, with a focus on dirt-ed tanks (hence the name!).

  • Tropical Discus

    The Discus I offer are home bred and raised in local tap water

    and will easily acclimate to your home aquarium.

  • Aquarium Specialty

    A wide variety of corals and anemones and dry goods from various mfgs. including our own brand, Biotek Marine.

  • Coral Life

    My vision is to produce 100% aquaculture coral that is free from pests, disease and bacteria infection. I would also like to reduce/eliminate the corals being pulled from the reef and to start returning these hardier corals back to the dying reefs

  • Don't Coral Me Crazy

    Veteran owned and operated business bringing the high quality corals to hobbyist

  • Gr8polyps

    We are primarily a wholesale aquaculture farm.

  • Leon's Lagoon

    We are small family owned and operated saltwater business. We carry a multitude of aquacultered corals. Multiple varieties of soft, LPS, and SPS coral. We have corals
    for all levels of hobbyists with 20+ years experience.

  • Lowcountry Coral Boys

    Low Country Coral Boys heavily focuses on sustainability and affordability with a primary focus on Zoanthids.

  • Luis Reef

    We care about your corals. We offer pest free fairly priced corals for your reef.

  • Pop Corals

    Pop Corals, aka "The Candy Shop",  is a Brooklyn, NY based company that was started by a few dedicated hobbyists. As hobbyists, we believe individuals should not have to pay crazy prices for quality livestock. Pop Corals has the ability to keep costs low because we own our own facilities and work directly with importers.

    Pop Corals offers various products including corals, fish and dry goods. The goal of our company is to cherry pick quality items that we would put in our own aquariums. Most of our items will be WYSIWYG so you know exactly what you're getting prior to purchasing

  • Riptide Aquaculture

    Family owned and operated going on 7 years now! Our goal is to offer high-end collectors at an affordable price while maintaining sustainability. 

    We collect a pretty broad selection of corals, but we specialize in high end collector corals that can be can be aquacultured. We also sell lots of Caribbean species, Rockflowers, ricordia, St.thomas. 

  • Spike's Corals

    Spikes Corals has been in business 18 years. We are very passionate about our corals. We bring a wide variety of aqua cultured Corals from beginner to advanced.

  • Sustainable Reef

    Our current objective is to offer a connection between aquaculturists, breeders and home reefers for pest free corals and healthy fish.  We believe it is possible to have a beautiful reef aquarium while having low or zero impact on wild reefs.  We can help you do it at our events focused on aquaculture, both with our speakers and exhibitors

  • TRSC Aquatics

    TRSC Aquatics has been delivering results since we opened in 2019. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Tristian & Diana have over 15 years of combined experience in Reefing & Aquaculture and are passionate about exceeding your expectations. We are also passionate about combating the skyrocketing prices of corals available to the hobbyist alienating many from ever starting. Part of our philosophy is to think as a hobbyist first and then as a business. As such we strive to only charge what we feel corals are worth and what we would pay for them ourselves.

    Saltwater Corals, Inverts, and Art

  • Ward's Aquatics

    We are a company servicing the Pitt County and surrounding areas with Aquarium services business and residential.

  • Exotics LAB

    Exotics business that focuses on BCI boa, New Caledonian gecko breeding. and Bioactive keeping and how it can be beneficial for these and more species. 

    We have a variety of exotic animals including large lizards (Monitors, iguanas, tegus), snakes (pythons, constrictors), geckos (crested, leopard, gargoyle), Chahoua, Bearded dragons, chameleons, arachnids, inverts and more!

  • LoveByLesha

    3D epoxy tumbler cups, coaster sets, cell phone cases, keychains, outline shape rugs, sweaters and canvas art

  • Cash’s Smokin' Bbq LLC

    We are a family owned food trailer. We specialize in Smoked BBQ, Ribs and Brisket. We have a variety of a menu. On our menu we have, Bbq, Ribs, Brisket, Hot Dogs Bologna Burgers. Our sides our Mac & Cheese Baked Beans, Coleslaw And Fries. We also have dessert as well an it’s Strawberry and Cherry Cheese Cake. We also set up in Sanford at the Bengal mart very often and we are at local festivals. We Have Facebook and Instagram for our social media. Below I have attached a menu with our prices along with some of the food we serve!

  • Donut NV

    DNV brings the party wherever you are! With an interactive mobile food trailer that offers hot freshly made to order donuts, fresh squeezed lemonade, and iced coffee. Customer can choose their donut topping & lemonade flavor. We have a specially designed trailer with a viewing window so you can watch your donuts being made right in front of you. Customers are receiving delicious donuts & entertainment all at one stop. Our mission is to surprise, delight and truly make everyone’s day sweet!
    What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, uniqueness & our dedication to the community.

    We do everything from breakfast, dessert for lunch & dinner, and all-day refreshment.
    We move around the triangle area. We post our weekly schedule and we are also soon to open a semi-fix location in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

  • Maple View Mobile Ice Cream

    Hand Dipped Fresh locally sourced Maple View Farm Ice Cream. 8 flavors to select from. One being dairy free for those who can't have dairy.
    Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Carolina Crunch & Mango Sorbet.

  • Tacos Costa Grande

    We are a food truck from Raleigh Nc serving the triangle for over 9years.

    Our menu includes:
    Tacos/quesadillas/Philly cheese/shrimp po boy/club sand/fajitas quesadilla/Cuban sand/fajitas trio over rice

  • Vane Hot Burger

    We are serving up Gourmet Burgers, chicken tenders , chicken wings, fries and loaded fries! Stop by the truck and say hello!

  • xQuisito International

    xQuisito was founded by Luis Felipe, a Costa Rican native that moved to the states many years ago. Inspired by his grandmother’s and mother’s awesome cooking skills, he decided to pursuit the culinary and food industry business. Luis started as a dishwasher at a Japanese steak house and worked his way up to one of the most requested chefs by customers, he has been cooking ever since. His love and passion for his work is what makes his food exquisite and unique. In 2018 Luis purchased and opened up his food truck with the name xQuisito International foods. His ethnic backgrounds and work experience working with different people from around the world inspired him to open up a food truck with different style of foods, and of course his Japanese/hibachi food known as one of the best in NC.